Half Grass Fed Lamb- Deposit


100% grass fed and finished lamb- Custom Cut


$7.99/lb + butchering fees (around $175-$225 total, which includes
estimated hanging weight 18-25 lbs + butcher fees $75).

When you purchase a whole or half lamb from us, you are paying for the price per pound of the hanging weight (the whole animal with the organs and hide removed). You then pay the butcher separately to cut up the meat to your specifications. This is great value for great quality meat.

Here are the steps for purchasing

1. Pay your $50 deposit here. This ensures that your lamb will be available come processing time. Deposit amount will be subtracted from your total at pick up.

2. Your meat will be processed on TBD. Pick Up of butchered meat will be 1-2 weeks later at the butcher location or at farm.

3. On or before Date TBD, you will contact the local butcher and let them know how you'd like your meat cut. If you're unfamiliar with the custom cut process, they can walk you through your options.

4. You will receive an email invoice from us with the remaining balance of your lamb ($50 deposit will be subtracted). Payment must be made prior to or at the time of pick up at the butcher shop.

5. When your meat is wrapped and ready for pick up, the butcher will contact you. You will owe them the processing fee at time of pick up ($75).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us.