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Learn, laugh, and keep in touch with an animal of your choice from Phillips Farmstead! Get to know your local family farm. The ladies love to share all the herd and flock gossip and goings ons here at the farm and hope to hear about whats going on in your life too! 


A minimum donation of $8/month gets you a printed photo of the animal you choose to stay in touch with, plus a hoof-written or chicken scratched letter every month, all about the farm and what it's like to live here.

Not to mention a response to any letter you'd like to send in return. 


Choose from our most sociable bunch below, and follow the link to our DonorBox page to sign up for the monthly subscription. 


Please "Write Us a Comment" in the subscription form to let us know what animal you'd like to write. If you don't want to choose, we'll let the animals decide! 

Mona Lisa headshot.jpg


Named for her propensity for side-eyed glances, Mona Lisa is

quite literally the black sheep of the bunch. She is a bit of a self-

proclaimed out-cast, and prefers to march to beat of her own hoof.

She has a strange desires to climb up onto things, stand awkwardly

close behind you, and prefers to eat snow, instead of drink liquid

water in winter.

domino headshot _.jpg


Named for the big dark spot on her back, Domino is the unofficial

leader of the herd. She is the most outgoing and is the first to

investigate any unknowns. She was the first one to accepet any

apple snacks from us humans when they were new to our farm.

She’s also the lead singer of Ewe 3, the trio band that consists of

her, Heather, and Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi headshot.jpg


Named for her red head, and rather horizontal ears, Pippi is the

pushiest and strongest of the ladies, just like her namesake. She’s

also the loudest. She will be sure to let you know if she’d prefer

more treats, which she always does! Pippi plays the bass in the

band, Ewe 3.

big rhonda headshot.jpg


The eldest and BIGGEST of the lady lambs, Rhonda is as sweet

as they come. She’s happy to quietly stand near you for some

gentle pets on the head and a chin scratch or two. But don’t be

fooled, she can keep up with the boys plenty well, jumping and

playing with the rest. She might even give you a playful headbutt

if provoked.



The luckiest ram lamb here at the farmstead, his puppy dog like affection towards us as a bottle lamb earned him a permanent spot in the flock. Chunk is a spunky boy who is eager to please (us humans). He will happily follow us wherever we go, and is very affectionate; pawing at you for more pets and snuggles. With the Ram and Harvey in the mix, Chunk is no longer the only “special boy” in the group, so he feels like he has to prove himself from time to time; challenging the ram, or standing his ground against the farm dog. But we know, he'll always be our little chunky baby.



Though enlisted as the Sheep's guardian animal against predators, Harvey the donkey is a gentle “giant”. He is a bit of a loner when it comes to the flock, but is very keen to come over to a friend of the human variety, especially if carrots or apples are in hand. He likes long walks through the dandelions, and a good pat on the jaw while being brushed. He is a sweet and kind soul, but I wouldn't take my chances getting on his bad side with a back kick like that. We like to think his motto is “speak softly and carry a big stick...”



chicken pen pal bio.png
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