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Welcome to the Phillips Farmstead! Located on 123 acres in Princeton, MN. 

The Phillips Farmstead is a small sustainable and regenerative family farm that offers pastured poultry and 100% grass fed and finished lamb.

Our animals are all raised outside and we utilize humane animal welfare practices. We respect our animals and their quality of life day to day and believe that they should have just "one bad day". 

We believe that a farm should be a beautiful place where good food is grown in a conscientious and responsible way. 

We believe in regenerative agriculture, raising animals in a way that benefits the land and provides products that are good for our bodies and good for the planet.


Phillips Farmstead is a family farm, run by us, Emily and Christopher Phillips!


Both trained artists and makers, life after art school carried us to Los Angeles where we both used our creative minds and hands on skills to work with an architecture firm. While the sunshine and ocean breeze was alluring, we couldn't ignore the fact that "city-life" was just not for us. Christopher's childhood summers spent on the family farm had never left his mind. So when big life changes left us wondering what was next, a bit of luck and a big leap of faith brought us this place. We thought more and more about what was important to us; Living with nature, doing meaningful and important work, and raising a family. That led us to learning about regenerative agriculture and methods of farming that benefit not just us, but our children and our children's children. We're here now, to farm for the future. 

Emily, Christopher, Walden 
& Barry
harriet & neil bailard driving on higgi9ns beach.jpeg
Harriet & Neil Bailard driving on Higgins Beach
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